We are delighted to announce that ADAllen Pharma have been appointed as Aseptic Medical Devices‘s preferred distributor for applications in the clinical trials and studies sector. We can also supply these specialist products to Care Homes and private healthcare.

For clinical trials and clinical studies where aseptic drug preparation is required a new range of sterile medical devices and non-medical devices specifically designed for aseptic transfer and manipulation is now available through us.

The wide CE marked range including BD and Terumo Syringes, Encapsulated Needles, Filters and Filter needles, Closures and Combi-stoppers is scaled and formatted for small, medium and larger scale drug preparations.

Packaging is made available in crevice free PeroxyClear and PeroxyMet pouches – making pre-use QC of the contents rapid and accurate. All products are double over wrapped enabling the most secure transfer process into LAF cabinets and Isolators.

Gamma Sterilisation and GMP Compliance

Pouches are qualified and validated for gamma sterilisation and impermeability to Alcohols and VHP, yet are soft, flexible and easy-linear-tear. The outer double over wrap layers are also easy to open even with gloved hands.

Being CE marked and highly validated places these products in a league of their own in terms of GMP compliance.

Order Information

We are now able to accept order enquiries online with in depth product information and dispatch times.

Please contact our Project Manager for Ancillaries for more information on these high quality products.

See our full range of sterile products.

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