Sourcing comparator drugs

We possess an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical marketplace

In order to successfully source comparator drugs it is essential to choose a partner competent at procurement, who possesses an in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical marketplace within the EU, North America, Asia and Rest of the World. ADAllen Pharma is the expert in this field and our attention to detail and personalised service is second to none.

Our customers tell us that sourcing comparator drugs, including biosimilars and ancillary supplies can be logistically difficult, disproportionately demanding in terms of financial and human resources, and is a distraction from the main task of running clinical trials. The global life science industry is undergoing a period of profound structural change and so we have to adapt our approach to the changing needs of our customers and suppliers.

This is where the ADAllen Pharma team step in to assist them. We are proactive and resourceful, maintaining our customers’ confidentiality at all times. We also seek to work very closely to satisfy the requirements of our approved suppliers, as our relationships with them are fundamental to our ability in sourcing clinical trial supplies.
ADAllen Pharma

UK pharmaceutical supply chain

At ADAllen Pharma we recognise our duty to help manage the UK pharmaceutical supply chain, protecting patient supplies and avoiding any product shortages arising out of comparator supply.

Our approach is to source directly from the appropriate approved manufacturer wherever possible. This method also enables us to take every action possible to try to prevent counterfeit medicine from entering the clinical trial services supply chain. Our approach is to set up MSAs with most of the major manufacturers which protects the supply chain and ensures confidentiality throughout the process. We welcome confidential approaches from major pharmaceutical manufacturers who currently do not have such agreements with us in place.

Clinical trials supply chain

Ideally, the clinical trials supply chain should be kept as short as possible to maintain the pedigree of the goods, to ensure that storage conditions are adhered to and that the stock has a maximum expiry date upon receipt at trial sites.

By sourcing directly from manufacturers we can assure our customers that the product is genuine and comes with all the necessary documentation for the trial to proceed smoothly.

Due to the fact that manufacturers' prices are constantly changing, we do not publish a standard price list, and quote against specific quantities of items required. This ensures that our prices are always current, and customers benefit from quantity discounts wherever possible.

Approved Supplier Relationships

Securely Procure Pharmaceutical Products

We have excellent approved supplier relationships and can procure pharmaceutical products from most major Pharmaceutical companies directly and securely including the following major manufacturers:

  • AstraZeneca UK: 1 of only 2 exclusive partners for the supply of AstraZeneca UK products for clinical studies within the UK. Please direct all specific product requests and enquiries to, or call +44 1992 566366 and speak to the CT Project Management team.
  • Pfizer UK: preferred distributor for Pfizer UK (including Hospira UK products) - please send enquiries to

We also have developed excellent relationships with other major manufacturers for the supply of their products for clinical trials.

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ADAllen Pharma partners with AstraZeneca to Service Clinical Trial Enquiries

ADAllen Pharma Ltd is pleased to announce its partnership with AstraZeneca UK Ltd to service clinical trial enquiries.

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