Hemedis MIBMIX® Compounder MiXi® Mixing infusion bag with 3 ports Hemedis MiXi mixing and infusion bagsHemedis GmbH specialise in medical accessories with their main focus on the preparation of total parenteral nutrition (TPN). ADAllen Pharma Ltd has been appointed as the Hemedis distributor in the UK for their excellent range of MiXi mixing and infusion bags, MIBMIX compounders and APAMIX high-level compounding software.

Made of high quality EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material, the bags are available in sizes from 50ml up to 5,000ml as well as offering custom sizes to order. Typically the MiXi infusion bag offers 3 access points, the bags can be equipped with different connectors making them compatible with all existing compounder devices and production processes. APAMIX® software simplifies the handling of prescriptions, the managing of drugs information and storage.

Richard Allen, Finance Director of ADAllen Pharma, a specialist supplier of comparator drugs, ancillaries and medical devices for clinical trials and clinical studies, comments, “We strive to provide an exceptional service to our customers by supporting them at every stage of their request for clinical trial supplies. We are proactive and resourceful in our sourcing, maintaining our customers confidentiality at all times. It is a significant advantage to our customers to have a distribution agreement with Hemedis as it gives our customers rapid access to high quality infusion bags and compounders to meet the needs of their clinical trials.”

To get a quotation, or request a product sample, contact: Iwona Zareba, Project Manager – Ancillaries

Tel: +44 (0)1992 566367,

Email:  iwona.zareba@adallenpharma.com