ADAllen Pharma Limited, a private company, was founded by our CEO, David Allen, in 2001 as a niche company specialising in sourcing licensed comparator drugs including Biosimilars for Clinical Trials. We have since expanded our operations to deliver all Clinical Trial product needs including ancillary supplies and now offer a range of services from expert project management to specialist Cold Chain storage. Our CEO has over 30 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry starting out as a Qualified Pharmacist and later progressing to set up the Clinical Trial sourcing operations in the mid 90s.

We invest in our processes through ISO 9001:2015 BSI Accreditation and our customer service through obtaining feedback from our customers in order to give our users the confidence they need in order to operate with us.

We strive to provide an exceptional service to our customers by supporting them at every stage of their request for clinical trial supplies. We are proactive and resourceful in our sourcing, maintaining our customers confidentiality at all times. We also seek to work very closely to satisfy the requirements of our suppliers, as our relationships with them are fundamental to our ability to source licensed comparator drugs and ancillary supplies.

We recognise that we have a responsibility to help protect the UK pharmaceutical supply chain, protecting patient supplies and avoiding any product shortages arising out of comparator supply. We also seek to prevent counterfeit medicine from entering the clinical trial supply chain. Our approach is to source directly from the appropriate manufacturer wherever possible.

We take into account the requirements and needs of Government Agencies, industry standards and any guidance received from specialist contractors.

ISO 9001:2015 standards underpin all our work.

What our clients say

  • Working with ADAllen has been an absolute pleasure. I had a new project and this was my first partnering experience with your company. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. The proactive care and consideration that everyone at ADAllen and their supply chain that gave to the project was exemplary. I appreciate very much, the help and advice that your dedicated team brought to the project.
  • I thoroughly enjoy working with the team at ADAllen, their customer service is second to none. I was updated throughout the whole process and without their market knowledge and experience my trial would not have been a success.
  • A very professional company who look after their Customers.
  • I rate ADAllen Pharma as excellent in all measures. My Trial made significant achievement due to the fact that ADAllen Pharma stepped in to take over the supply from a previously appointed vendor. We have nothing more to say than 'Excellent'.
  • From past experiences I have always been wary of Comparator Sourcing Companies from Over-promising and Under-Delivering, but I can say that ADAllen are very trustworthy and honest, and from that they will be gaining repeat business from myself.

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SunVit-D3 - Vitamin D3 Supplement