Comparator Drugs

Christmas Comes Early

About two weeks before Christmas, a client we had been supplying for several years asked us to source over a million capsules of a drug from a specific European country in a single batch. In addition, it then had to be transported on to a third party overseas by Christmas Eve. We had to plan a very tight schedule to secure this batch, while most people were more interested in the holiday season, and we could not afford a single delay.

Checked every single pack

The consignment of five pallets was despatched to us swiftly from the continent. On arrival in our warehouse, we checked every single pack to ensure that batch numbers and expiry information were accurate, repacked it and sent on to the third party, all in record time.

Tight schedule

We managed to shave two working days off the already very tight schedule, meaning that instead of having to accept this consignment on Christmas Eve, our clients could be off partying.

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