Cold storage and transportation

The Italian Job

A customer approached ADAllen Pharma with a request for a specialised product that he said was available only in Italy. Our customer was unsure of the product details with regard to strength, pack size and storage conditions.

Cold chain product comparator sourcing

Working through our network of EU suppliers, we found a supplier who was able to ascertain the strengths and pack sizes available and also advised that it was a cold chain product. Our customer was delighted with this information and immediately proceeded to order.

Regular communication with our supplier and customer ensured the smooth progress of the order from beginning to end. Bringing the shipment over from Italy to the UK between 2°C – 8°C called for very careful handling but, working closely with our supplier, we managed the process successfully.

Strong supplier network

At ADAllen Pharma we are very proud of our strong supplier network, which we consider one of our company’s great strengths. As cold chain specialists we regularly send products within the UK, EU and US with full temperature monitoring.

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