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Comparator Drugs for Clinical Trials

ADAllen Pharma is a specialist supplier of comparator drugs for global clinical trials, offering an accurate, responsive, expert and confidential service, with a proven track record.

The ADAllen team has an extensive worldwide supplier base and a thorough knowledge of the global pharmaceutical market, and a sound understanding of the many issues involved in sourcing comparators for international clinical trials. We offer a comprehensive service, with first-rate expertise and the dedication to ensure your project is successful.

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For clinical trials we have secured preferred distributor access for a new range of sterile medical and non-medical devices from Aseptic Medical Devices (AMD)

We are delighted to announce that we now have preferred distributor access for a new range of sterile medical devices and non-medical devices.

AstraZeneca UK

ADAllen Pharma partners with AstraZeneca to Service Clinical Trial Enquiries

ADAllen Pharma Ltd is pleased to announce its partnership with AstraZeneca UK Ltd to service clinical trial enquiries.

Developing Effective Relationships

Supplier Network – Developing Effective Relationships

Supplier Network – Developing Effective Relationships. An overview of the pharmaceutical supply chain from research to post-sales.

Plane - Outsourcing Comparator Procurement

Outsourcing Comparator Procurement – the Pros and Cons

What are the Problems Involved in Comparator Drugs Sourcing? It is natural for manufacturers to be reluctant to supply their product as a comparator

Sourcing comparator drugs for international clinical trials is a complex process which requires meticulous planning and oversight on our part in order for us to meet the specific requirements of our clients. We also work very closely alongside our suppliers to ensure any potential sourcing issues are overcome.
With over 30 years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical procurement, we strive to provide an exceptional service to our customers by supporting them at every stage of their request for comparator drugs.