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Unlicensed medicines, suppositories & placebos

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A comprehensive list of unlicensed specials

ADAllen Pharma are now expanding its services range to offering a comprehensive list of unlicensed specials and suppositories on a next day delivery basis. We can respond to all specials needs providing a safe, efficient and high quality service.

Specials are bespoke or customised medicines, manufactured in response to a prescription for an individual patient for whom a licensed product is not available in the market. Specials are used to meet a variety of patient needs, for example for children or older people, and in specific areas such as palliative care.

Pharma Supply Chain – Specials

We are able to source a comprehensive list of formulations in most dosage forms from approved manufacturers such as liquids, semi-solids and solid doses. These products are manufactured to the highest standards under MHRA protocols and we ensure a regular audit is performed of the manufacturing facility.


Oral and Topical liquids


Creams, Ointments, Gels and Suppositories

Solid Doses:

Hard Gelatin Capsules, Powders and Gelatine Free Capsules

Everything you need

ADAllen Pharma is an experienced supplier of comparator drugs for clinical trials, offering an accurate, responsive, expert and confidential service. Speak to a staff member today!

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